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Reducing social disparities in a joint effort

Reducing social disparities in a joint effort

Social and economic disparities remain evident in central Europe and negatively influence cohesion. Social exclusion and poverty also affect some regions more than others and this needs to change. To do so, the 3P4SSE project goes beyond state-of-the-art social innovation projects. The partners adopt a place-based clustering approach when addressing specific challenges of social and solidarity economies. Amongst others, they create a multilevel network scheme based ...

Making tourism accessible to all

Making tourism accessible to all

Accessible tourism allows people with disabilities to travel independently. But there is still often a lack of awareness for their needs. The CE-Spaces4All project connects public authorities, the tourism sector and people with disabilities to improve governance for a more accessible tourism. The partners develop a digital tool for mapping barriers in rural regions and provide these with a joint strategy and local action ...

Improving cooperation among mountainous regions
Central Mountains

Improving cooperation among mountainous regions

The Alps and Carpathians are important natural corridors that connect many central European countries. Unfortunately, cooperation across borders often lacks a joint vision in mountain areas. To change this, the Central Mountains project designs and implements a joint strategy and regional action plans to create amongst others cross-border functional areas. By improving governance structures, processes and operations, the partners sustainably improve cooperation among Alpine-Carpathian regions.

Engaging citizens to improve policies

Engaging citizens to improve policies

Citizens across central Europe increasingly want to get more involved in local and regional policy-making. The GEtCoheSive project develops and tests inclusive governance practices to improve public authorities’ capacities to engage with citizens from vulnerable backgrounds, especially in view of environmental policies and access to care services. The partnership develops a transnational strategy and local action plans for four cities to make their societies ...

Introducing transformative innovations safely

Introducing transformative innovations safely

Technological innovations are transforming cities with a huge potential for improving people’s lives. But they need to be deployed responsibly. The GINEVRA project helps cities to effectively govern transformative innovations, such as autonomous vehicles. The partners jointly develop governance guidelines and new citizen engagement tools and test them in specific pilot actions. They also design a transnational strategy for responsibly governing the introduction of ...

Strengthening metropolitan governance

Strengthening metropolitan governance

Urban and rural regions are growing closer together across central Europe. As a result, the focus of spatial planning moved up to the level of metropolitan regions, which include commuter belts around cities. But cooperation between a city and its hinterland often remains challenging. The MECOG-CE project overcomes this by connecting eight metropolitan regions in central Europe that identify, test and share good governance tools.