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Can you get funded?

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Location of your organisation


Is your organisation based in one of the regions and cities of our programme area?

Organisations from outside the programme area can only become project partners in exceptional cases.

Please note that assimilated partners, i.e. German and Italian national public authorities and bodies that are located outside the programme area, are eligible for funding. Also organisations from EU countries outside the programme area can apply for funding. However, their involvement has to bring a clear benefit to the programme area.

Organisations outside the EU can join a project partnership but will not receive ERDF funding from our programme.

Eligibility of your organisation


Does your organisation belong to one of these categories:

- National, regional and local public bodies, including public equivalent bodies

- Private institutions, including private companies, having legal personality;

- International organisations acting under the national law of an EU Member State or (with restrictions) under international law

Please note that organisations acting under international law cannot be lead partners. They are, however, eligible as project partners when they meet the following two conditions:
Participation in the project through an operative seat located in one of the central European regions; and
2) E
xplicit acceptance of all requirements deriving from the EU Treaty and the regulations applicable in the framework of the programme.

We support transnational projects with partnerships composed of public and private organisations. If in doubt, please contact your national contact point for guidance.

Topic of your project proposal


Will your project idea help reaching one of our specific objectives in one of the four programme priorities?

Please note, that some of our calls might have a thematic (and/or) territorial focus. Check the Call for Proposals section, for more details about the current or upcoming call.

Topics that are not in line with our programme priorities and specific objectives cannot be funded by us. More detailed descriptions of these are provided in the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE programme document (IP).

Location of lead partner


Is the lead partner of your planned project proposal located in the programme area?

All eligible organisations, with the exception of international organisations acting under international law, can take the lead partner role as long as they are located in the programme area or qualify as “assimilated partners”.

Partnership composition


Does your planned project partnership consist of at least three partners?

As a minimum, a project partnership has to consist of three financing partners from three countries. At least two of the project partners have to be located in the programme area.

Location of partners


Are at least two of these partners located in the programme area?

As a minimum, a project partnership has to consist of three financing partners from three countries. At least two of the project partners have to be located in the programme area.

Project design


Do you plan to develop and pilot solutions, support policy activities and build capacities or facilitate knowledge transfer?

We finance transnational cooperation activities that either result in “policy support” or that are “implementation-oriented”. Projects may put a focus on policy support or implementation or combine both. Such categories of activities are linked to the typology of outputs and results and related indicators as applied by the programme. More information is available in the programme manual (chapter I.3.4 and annex 2).



Will there be a clear added value of transnational cooperation of your planned project proposal?

Transnational cooperation has to be at the heart of every Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE project. This means that the project approach and work plan have to demonstrate that the challenges addressed cannot be solved efficiently by individual regions or countries alone. Project outputs need to be developed in a transnational, joint approach that goes beyond the mere combination of existing outputs and results. All partners have to work together and to contribute with their competences, in order to achieve the planned results. More information is available in the programme manual.

Congratulations! You seem to meet all minimum criteria for applying with us. If you need more support in writing your application check out our support measures.

Sorry, you are not quite there, yet. You have to meet all the above minimum criteria if you want to get funded. Read our programme manual and application documents in our library for more information and get in touch with your national contact point for support.