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Programme structure

Get to know our programme bodies and find out how they work together. 

Who is who

Running a programme like Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE is a shared task. Get to know our programme bodies and find out who does what.

Monitoring Committee

Consists of representatives of the nine Member States. Steers the programme, verifies its sound implementation and approves projects for funding.

→ Read the rules of procedure and meeting summaries

Managing Authority

The City of Vienna, Department of European Affairs, is responsible for managing and implementing the programme in a sound financial way and in line with the EU regulations.

Joint Secretariat

Implements the programme in close coordination with the Managing Authority and the Monitoring Committee. Provides guidance and information to all stakeholders.

National Contact Points

Provide information and guidance to all stakeholders on the national level and support representatives of the Monitoring Committee.

Audit Authority

Carries out system and project audits to provide independent assurance to the European Commission that the programme functions effectively.

National Controllers

Verify that co-financed products and services were delivered and check the compliance of projects with regulations and programme rules.

Organisation chart

Our organisation chart visualises how the various programme bodies work together to manage the programme and supervise and control its implementation.

Interreg CE Programme organisational chart