Control work

There are two options to access the control work section.

Click the button “Start control” at the very right of the partner report in the overview table. Once the control work is started, the button is renamed to “Go to controller work”.

Open the partner report first and then click “Start control” in the top menu. Once the control work is started the button is renamed to “Go to controller work”

Upon starting the control work, the partner report status changes to “Control ongoing” and a notification on the start of the control work is automatically generated by Jems and appears in the Dashboard.

Once control work is started, the controller has access to the following section of the control work:

  • Control Identification
  • Expenditure verification
  • Control communication
  • Control checklists
  • Overview and finalize

To go to partner report, click “Switch to partner report”.

To go back to the control work section click “Go to controller work”.

To reopen the partner report for amendments, click on “Reopen partner report”.

Report identification

In the control identification section, controllers can see pre-filled partner report info and can fill in basic identification information about the control work for the control report.

Format of documents – multiple selection is possible

Type of partner report – Please select whether it is a standard partner report or the last partner report.

Designated Controller – the information on the control body is automatically filled in. The name of the controller and, if applicable, the name of the controller reviewer (4-eyes principle) needs to be selected from the drop-down menu. Information filled in here will be automatically imported in the “Control certificate and control report” PDF (generated in section “Overview and Finalize”).

Verification – In case “On-the-spot verification” is selected, click the button “Add on-the-spot verification” to open the additional input field.

Expenditure verification

In the expenditure verification section, all expenditure items from the Partner report “List of expenditure” are listed (including attachments).

As long as the partner report is in status “Control ongoing”, this section is visible only to controllers assigned to the partner.

Once the control is finalized (report is set to status “Certified”), the section becomes accessible (in read-only mode) to all users that have access to the partner report, including the users of the project partner.

For expenditure verification, the controller has to fill in the results of the control work per expenditure item.

Scroll to the right to get to the input fields for the controller.

For each expenditure item, the controller can:

  • Add the item to the sample
  • Deduct an amount and select a typology of error for the deduction
  • Park an expenditure item
  • Add a comment

Add expenditure item to sample

There are two ways an expenditure item can be added to a control sample:

  • Manually – by switching the toggle button in the part of sample column
  • Automatically – by Jems (in case of deduction or parking of an expenditure item)

Deduct an amount and select a typology of error

For each expenditure item, the “Deducted amount” field is 0,00 by default and the controller can insert the amount to be deducted. In case the controller verifies an amount higher than the declared amount, the controller has to first include the figure and then add a minus (“-“) in the field “Deducted amount in Euro”. Deductions are always in Euro, as the conversion happened upon submission of the partner report.

The certified amount is automatically calculated as the difference between declared amount in Euro and the deducted amount.

Once a deduction is filled in, it is mandatory to also select a typology of error (drop-down menu) for the respective deduction.

Flat rates are neither calculated, nor displayed in this section, but they are calculated and included in the financial overview tables in the “Overview and Finalize” section.

Park an expenditure item

In case further clarification for an expenditure item is needed, the controller can park an expenditure item for later verification (i.e. in a later report) by switching on the toggle button in the park item column.

Parked items are NOT deducted amounts!

When parking, the expenditure item is locked and the deducted amount and certified amount are both automatically set to 0,00.

Once the control work is finalized, the parked item will show up in next partner report, in the “Parked items list” of the “List of expenditure”. The project partner can then decide to either delete the parked expenditure item or to re-include it in a new partner report with or without modifications.

Add comment

The controller can add a comment in the text field under the comment column, either to justify a deduction or to provide other explanations.

Control communication

This section is accessible to both controller(s) belonging to the control institutions assigned to a partner and also the partner user(s).

This section can be used for clarification rounds during control since it allows to upload and download documents related to the control work.

When a report is in status “Control ongoing”, both controller(s) and partner user(s) can:

  • Upload and download any document
  • Edit the description of own uploads
  • Delete own uploaded files

Once a report is in status “Certified”, deletion of documents is disabled.

Control checklist

In this section, the checklists related to the control report can be created, filled in and finished. The following checklists are available:

  • CONTROL CHECKLIST – part 1: obligatory
  • CONTROL CHECKLIST – part 2: obligatory
  • CONTROL CHECKLIST – part 3: obligatory
  • 5.b. Procurement Checklist (per contract): if more than one contract
  • 5.c. Procurement Checklist (per contract): if more than one contract

When the report is in status “Control ongoing” or “Control reopened”, only controllers belonging to the control institution assigned to the partner have access to this section.

The controller can:

  • Edit only own checklist(s)
  • Delete only own checklist(s) in status “Draft”
  • Edit the description of any checklist
  • Return any finished checklist to initiator (back to status “Draft” – only the controller who created the checklist can further edit it)
  • Download any checklist

Make sure that all required checklists are in place and finished when finalizing the control work.

When the report is in status “Certified” (after control is finalized in section “Overview and Finalize”)

  • The entire section “Control Checklist” becomes visible in read-only mode to all users with access to the partner report (including project partner users)
  • Checklists created before finalization of the control are locked for editing

Create a new checklist

Select a checklist template form the drop-down menu and click the button “+ create new checklist”.

The checklist is in status “Draft” and can be filled in by the controller.

REMEMBER to regularly SAVE filled-in information.

To go back to the control check list overview section, click on the tab “Control checklists”

Finish checklist

Once all information is filled in the checklist can be finished. To finish the checklist, click on “Finish checklist”

The information when and by whom a checklist was finalized is visible in the checklist overview table

Re-open a finished checklist

A finished check list can be reopened by any controller of the assigned control institution. However, only the controller who created the checklist can amend information.

Re-opening of a checklist is only possible as long as the control work was not yet finalized.

Overview and finalize

This section refers to the control work done for the current partner report and provides the following overview tables:

  • Overview of control work
  • Overview of deductions

The controller can fill-in further details about the control work.

The controller can generate PDFs of Control report and Control certificate.

The controller can finalize the control work.

Overview of control work for the current report

This overview table consists of amounts only related to the current report (there is no cumulative data in this table).

Total declared by partner – is automatically transferred from the partner report and flat rates based on the settings in the AF are displayed in a separate row.

Total included in control sample – is summing up the declared amount in EUR of the expenditure items marked as part of sample in the “Expenditure verification” section. No flat rate is added on top!

% sampled – displays percentage of sampled out of total declared (both without adding flat rates on top!).

Total parked in current report – is summing up the declared amount in EUR of the expenditure items parked in the “Expenditure verification” section. Flat rates are added on top and calculated according to the partner budget rounding settings (2 decimals, rounded down).

Total deducted by control – is calculated as difference of Total declared by partner minus Total eligible after control minus Total parked in current report. In this way, potential rounding differences (if any) will always go to Total deducted by control column.

Total eligible after control – is summing up the certified amount in EUR of the expenditure items from the “Expenditure verification” section. Flat rates are added on top and calculated according to the partner budget rounding settings (2 decimals, rounded down).

% total eligible after control – displays percentage of total eligible after control out of total declared (both including also flat rates).

Overview of control deduction for current report, by type of errors

This table sums up deductions applied to this report from the Expenditure verification list and displays also related flat rates (in Flat rates row) calculated according to the partner budget rounding settings. Same calculation rules apply as used for deducted amounts in table above.


The controller can fill in text in the input fields available in this section.

The date for the end of control work is automatically filled in upon finalization of the control work.

Findings, follow-up measures and conclusions

In this section the controller can comment on findings and fill in recommendation and conclusion. Furthermore, the section displays follow-up measures from last certified report (on yellow background) and allows to define follow-up measures for the next partner report.

Generate control report and control certificate (pdf format)

Before having finalized the control work, the controller can generate draft PDF exports by selecting the control export template.

When the control work is finalized, the Control report & Certificate pdf is automatically generated by the system and can be downloaded. Do not generate further pdf files once the control work was finalized!

Generated files are displayed in an overview list and can be downloaded anytime.

A description of the file can be added (e.g., for marking a file as the final version).

The date and user who generated the document is visible in the overview table.

For the automatically generated file (upon finalizing the control work) add “FINAL” in the description field.

No documents need to be uploaded as attachment.

NOTE! Generated pdf files cannot be deleted.

In the PDFs generated, there is automatically displayed the status of control work when the document was generated (draft or finalized)

Finalize control work

The finalization of the control work must be done by the controller authorized to issue the control certificate. The name of the controller who pressed the button “Finalize control” work will be displayed as signatory in the “Control report and Certificate” pdf.

To finalize the control work first run the pre-submission checks.

Only once all pre-submission checks were successfully passed, the button “Finalize control” turns active and the control work can be finalized.

Once control is finalized

  • All sections of the control work become visible (in read-only mode) to all users who have access to the partner report.
  • The control work as such is locked
  • The end date of control is automatically filled in

  • The final control document (Control report & Certificate) is automatically generated (and should be marked as “FINAL” in the description field, see chapter Generate control report and control certificate)
  • Control checklists can be downloaded as pdf in the control checklist section (see chapter Control checklist)

The status in the project report overview table updates and the date of finalization of the control work is displayed.

Reopening of the control work

Whenever control work is in status “Certified”, it can be reopened by the JS upon request.

Upon reopening of a certified report, the report moves to status “Control reopened” and the controller is again allowed to edit the control work and to re-issue the control documents. However, the control checklist cannot be re-opened. If a checklist was wrongly filled in, a new checklist needs to be created and filled in by the controller.

To amend information, go to the control work section.

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