II.3 Programme Support to Applicants

Support measures offered by the programme to potential applicants may include:

  • Applicant community

The Interreg CE applicant community brings together organisations from across central Europe. It facilitates project partner search and presents already existing ideas. If potential applicants have an idea or want to work with others on an already existing idea, this is the best place to start their cooperation.

  • Video explainers and tutorials

Video explainers and tutorials (see below) allow applicants to quickly get familiar with the basics of what the programme funds. The videos introduce applicants to the various funding priorities and concrete actions that new projects are expected to address in their work plans. The list of video explainers and tutorials will regularly be extended and updated, please refer to the programme website for latest information.

Browse through the thematic tutorials helping you to turn your project to a project proposal

  • Webinars

In addition to video explainers, the programme organises and records online training in webinars on specific topics that are relevant for developing project proposals. They also provide an opportunity to directly ask questions to the MA/JS. The list of webinars will regularly be extended and updated, please refer to the programme website for latest information.

  • Individual consultations

The JS offers a single, non-compulsory, individual consultation for each project idea. The aim of these consultations is to advise applicants on technical questions related to contents, communications and finances of their project idea. Consultations are in no way to be understood as a pre-assessment of the relevance of a project idea!

Consultations can exclusively be requested for project ideas submitted by registered users on the applicant community. Once a consultation is scheduled, additional participants that are registered in the applicant community can be invited to the meeting, which takes place via an integrated videoconference tool.

Please note that only one consultation is granted per project idea. Ideas should therefore be in a more mature stage when requesting the consultation. Before the consultation, no additional documentation should be sent by applicants except when requested by the JS. Further guidance on individual consultations is available in the applicant community.

  • FAQs

In a dedicated section on the programme website, applicants are provided with answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the programme funding and application process. FAQs are regularly extended and updated, please revisit them for latest information.

  • Helpdesks

If applicants cannot find an answer to their question in the FAQs, there is also the option to contact a permanent general helpdesk per e-mail. For questions related to the application system, there is the possibility to get in touch with the Jems helpdesk or consult the Jems user manual.

  • National support

Applicants can also reach out to national contact points (NCP) in all programme countries. They offer national support regarding the calls and provide information in national languages on primarily national application issues.

  • Tools

Applicants have access to specific tools like an interactive eligibility check, an interactive self-assessment form and a “project summary generator” amongst others to facilitate the development of their applications.

Please visit the programme website for regular updates and further details regarding all support measures.