II.1 Overview and Call-Specific Requirements

The Interreg CE Programme selects projects and allocates ERDF co-financing through “calls for proposals”. Specific terms and conditions of these calls are decided by the programme MC.

This chapter presents general information on rules and requirements to be followed when applying for Interreg CE funding, while more specific terms and conditions are set specifically for each call for proposals. Such terms and conditions include, among others:

  • Thematic objective and focus of the call;
  • Features of the projects expected within the call;
  • Applicant and partnership requirements;
  • The procedure for the selection of proposals and the award criteria;
  • Budget allocated to the call;
  • Procedure and deadline for submission of project proposals.

Such call-specific terms and conditions are summarised in the Terms of Reference (ToR) applicable to the call. The ToR is part of the “application package”, developed for each call for proposals, which includes the full set of documents needed for submitting project applications. Application packages for each call are available at the programme website.

Information in this chapter is therefore complemented by information and requirements outlined in call-specific ToRs. Reading and knowing both documents is essential for properly submitting a project proposal.

Further information and guidance can then be found in video explainers and other support measures that were developed to help applicants in designing and submitting their project proposals (see also chapter II.3).

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