Workgroup opening meeting
by Nikoletta Szuhogyi-Balogh first lieutenant Vas CDMD

Workgroup opening meeting organised by the Hungarian project partner Vas County Disaster Management Directorate

Date: 11.07.2024

In the framework of the LOCALIENCE project, workgroups have been set up to ensure the successful execution of the Hungarian pilot tasks. The workgroups are managed by the pilot Steering Group, composed of the regional manager responsible for implementing pilot and the experts he has invited. The pilot Steering Group has identified the main directions to be followed in order to achieve the objective, as a first step of which five workgroups started their work following the workgroup opening meeting held on 13 May 2024 at the Vas CDMD.

The tasks of the Water Damage Prevention Group include mapping the specifications of groundwater damage, researching the topographical, hydrological and meteorological causes of local water damage.

The task of the industrial security workgroup is to detect cross-border disruptions and damages to the infrastructures providing services to the population, and to identify the supply problems caused by the damages. It also aims to analyse the risks posed by entities producing, processing, using or storing hazardous substances and to develop appropriate risk management responses to the risks identified.

The tasks of the fire protection workgroup include assessing the regional fire protection situation, establishing common intervention guidelines, developing a common risk management methodology, mapping the area and developing an interdisciplinary interface.

The civil protection workgroup prepares and informs the population by analysing the risks following the threat assessment. Multilingual brochures are produced on the risks, with answers on how to deal with them and a description of the main rules of conduct.

The logistics and legal support workgroup is responsible for supporting project management and ensuring the smooth implementation of project tasks.