TRANSGEO project in Medjimurje county, Croatia

Date: 21.05.2024

The project TRANSGEO started on the 1st May 2023 within the international funding Programme Interreg Central Europe (2021 – 2027) and is a combination of a theoretical overview, strategic planning and practical, as well as technological application of the different activities, tools, documents and other planned outputs.

As one of the Croatian partners within the Partner consortium, Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd. (MENEA) took over the leadership of several activities and organization of some events for the easier dissemination of the project. One of the main activities is the development of the Transnational Strategy for a sustainable development of the Central European regions for a better transition from fossil to geothermal energy use. The document will be developed jointly by the Partners and cover various topics regarding the national, regional and local legislative, geothermal and well repurposing potential, financial options, challenges and objectives, as well as measures and recommendations for the achievement of the geothermal objectives in the Central European regions.

Also, the outreach of the project has been expanded on several dissemination events such as the presentation of the LEEWAY project in the Town of Prelog (Medjimurje county, Croatia) and the Energy Day in the Town of Rijeka (Primorsko – goranska county, Croatia). Further dissemination activities will follow in the next period, when Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd. (MENEA) will present the TRANSGEO project on the FEDARENE General Assembly on Cyprus (in June 2024).

Finaly, the Partners visited the Town of Čakovec for a periodic Project Partner and Executive Board Meeting. The Meeting consisted of an official part with the aim of discussing the project’s main activities, deliverables and deadlines and a site visit to the pilot site Mihovljan, where the Partners got informed about the historic development and current production capacities of the oil exploitation filed.

In the next periods, Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd. (MENEA), will, together with the Partner consortium, start developing the Strategy, as well as prepare the content for the Transnational Action plan, give inputs for the other project activities (such as the feasibility study for the pilot site Mihovljan) and further disseminate the project on domestic and international events.