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Our monitoring system

We manage applications and projects through Jems, a monitoring system jointly developed by Interact and Interreg programmes.

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How to work with Jems

Jems is the essential platform for applying and implementing a project with us.

To help you get started with Jems, we have developed a comprehensive user manual with many screenshots. If you encounter any immediate problems when using Jems, do not hesitate to contact our technical helpdesk at jems@interreg-central.eu. We will collect your frequently asked questions and update the related FAQ section over time.


Jems tutorials for applicants


We have created two tutorials for Jems users. The first video introduces you to working with Jems in general and the second one answers specific questions raised by applicants in a webinar.

Before you start with Jems, we also recommend to take a closer look at the offline application form in the call-related section in our library. Please be aware that the offline version is for information purposes only and cannot be submitted. It provides you with useful tips and practical guidance before entering information into Jems.