The Stuttgart Region is becoming even more sustainable

Date: 13.10.2023

The Stuttgart Region is becoming even more sustainable! In our new European funding project GREENPACT the partners from the Stuttgart Region, HdM Startup Center and Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS), are connecting established companies and futurepreneurs in order to promote circular and sustainable business models, products and services. The goal is a certification scheme for a new generation of impact-driven managers. By March 2026 we will develop joint action plans, pilot actions and a self-assessment tool. During our current location study, we came across a great example of a circular business idea from the Stuttgart Region: The start-up Spoontainable GmbH. Financed by InvestBW, Students from the University of Hohenheim had the idea for edible ice cream spoons and hit the mark. Plastic cutlery can be replaced e.g. in ice cream parlors, with this sustainable and tasty alternative. If you want to know what other innovative ideas GREENPACT is coming up with, contact us or follow us!

(c) Spoontainable / Amelie Vermeer & Julia Piechotta