Repository of Good Practices – available NOW!

Date: 30.11.2023
The collection of good practices is pivotal in fostering community engagement and empowerment. By highlighting initiatives that excel in raising local awareness and providing effective training, these practices drive meaningful change within communities. The lessons learned from these exemplary practices are crucial in fortifying the approach of LOCALIENCE, ensuring that efforts resonate deeply within the fabric of each unique community served.

During the summer of 2023, partners from each LOCALIENCE country contributed to the good practice templates. These contributions were either done individually or in collaboration with others. The focus of this initiative was to gather and document good practices that are particularly effective in local awareness-raising and training activities. These practices are intended to serve as inspirational examples and foundational templates for developing comprehensive training materials and strategic communication plans.

At the beginning of the project implementation, the team needed to define the types of good practices to be collected due to the broad nature of the subject. This was achieved through a workshop, which narrowed down the focus to two main topics: training activities and awareness raising. Emphasis was placed on practices used at the local level or those that can be adapted to the local scale.

By collecting and documenting these good practices, LOCALIENCE aims to create a repository of knowledge that can inspire and guide future initiatives in community engagement, training, and awareness raising.

During the kick-off meeting, it was decided to focus on two key topics to make the collection of good practices more understandable and actionable:

  1. Training Activities
  2. Local Awareness Raising Actions

These areas were identified through a co-designing workshop as being particularly conducive to gathering valuable good practices that can provide additional inspiration and support to the project.

The good practice template is designed to be short and compact, providing enough information to decide if a measure is of interest. The template includes the following sections:

  • Target Audience: Who the good practice is intended for.
  • Summary and Detailed Description: A concise summary followed by a detailed explanation of the good practice.
  • Allocated Budget: Financial resources dedicated to the practice.
  • Evidence of Success: How success was measured and evidenced.
  • Challenges Faced: Obstacles encountered during implementation.
  • Timescale: Duration of the practice.
  • Additional Information: Links or contact information for further details.

The good practices are uploaded to a repository, which can be reached here.

For dissemination purposes, a short video was prepared to summarise some of the good practices and show how diverse they are. The video can be reached throught this link.