Prettau: Potential and risks of existing parking and mobility related ideas

Date: 15.05.2024

The plan is to build a parking garage at the entrance of the village to accommodate the cars of all the visitors coming for landscape sightseeing and hiking. The existing car park should be removed.

Another goal is to increase the number of buses from the city of Bruneck to Kasern during the peak season to make travelling by public transport more attractive for visitors. In the Province of Bolzano tourists, guests of affiliate hotels and rooms, already can travel by public transport “for free”. The network of public transport has been built up in the last 10 years and is very good for such a rural, non-urban, region. Efforts are being made by the department of mobility of the Province of Bolzano to convince tourists to reach Southtyrol by train, instead of coming by car. Buses to Kasern start in the city of Bruneck, at the train station, and would have the potential to relieve the whole Valley from private traffic. The busroute is already well served, with 1 bus every 30 minutes. The bus takes a little over 1 hour to reach Kasern.

Currently, the municipality does not yet have a SUMP or transport strategy. Work on developing a smaller version of a SUMP has only just begun and will also include these measures. The risk of planning a costly car park without a SUMP is not small. The traffic problem touches all 3 municipalities of the valley; maybe the possibility to intercept the cars further out, at the entrance to the valley, could be found in mobility analysis of the whole valley. This could not only relieve Kasern from traffic but a bigger portion of the whole valley. In the worst-case scenario, reaching Kasern by car remains as attractive as today. Parallel push measures might be needed to dissuade visitors from traveling by car. One could be high prices for parking; the further into the valley, the higher the price should be (this measure requires collaboration between the municipalities of the valley. The best would be to relocate the car park further out of the valley, to strengthen buses and bikes as future mobility vehicles.