Óbuda-Békásmegyer has been committed to creating a sustainable, livable and people-oriented city

Date: 06.03.2024

After several months of preparatory work, the delimitation of the Urban Farm Programme site and the elaboration of the concept plan, involving several professional organisations, started in early January and was approved by the Óbuda-BékásmegyerMunicipality at its meeting on 29 February.


The municipality of Óbuda-Békásmegyer, as the winner of 2022 Climate Friendly District Award, has been committed to creating a sustainable, livable and people-oriented city. The character and traditions of Csúcshegy can embrace these values, and a long-term programme can begin to be implemented  in close alignement with this.

The plans have been shared with a wide professional and institutional community in recent weeks, where regulatory and financial ssues have been discussed, as well as hydrogeological, botanical, soil, technological and other relevant issues.. The occasions also showed that a very complex, exemplary community initiative is taking shape, which focuses on strengthening the local community, sustainable management, education and health promotion.

In addition to many other benefits of the project (improved  land structure, elimination of illegal activities), it will also serve recreational, educational and research purposes. According to the initial plans, the following facilities will be provided onsite:

•       provision of agricultural equipment and tools

•       community space and facilities for community cooking and other events

•       community market, a place for exchanging agricultural products

•       demonstration of the sustainable and circular economy

•       testing and demonstrating practices related to an environmentally friendly lifestyles

•       community composting

•       providing expert advice and organising on farming

•       educational trail

•       environmental education opportunities for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, universities

•       provision of space and equipment for rehabilitation and therapeutic activities

•       parking facilities

•       electric bicycle/scooter rental in the lower part of the mountain

•       drilled well for irrigation of the farm and water supply to the restrooms

In order to ensure that the future farm will be fully responsive to the needs of the citizens the planning process will also rely on the comments and opinions of the local community and wider stakeholders. In the the recent period, the plans and service profile have been made available mainly online, and knowledge-sharing forums are organised every few months to provide the population interested in the implementation and the wider horticultural community with up-to-date and practical knowledge on various aspects of garden design and maintenance. Following the decision by the municipality, the project promoter is now inviting interested parties to a site visit.

It is hoped that more and more of the city’s population will become willing and active participants in the project’s community space.