Smart Data Hub in the focus of the second project meeting

Date: 20.09.2023

Energy Agency Styria hosted the second project meeting within MESTRI-CE project in Graz, Austria. Besides regular topics on upcoming project activities and a recap of those conducted within the first reporting period, the main topic was the development of the Smart Data Hub.

MESTRI-CE Smart Data Hub will be based on a co-creative approach from all partners and potential users to address functionalities and technical requirements for such a complex platform. The Hub will be created in the form of a tool-software platform that will contain all important data and documents for each building of the building stock chosen by the pilot partner or beneficiary. The Smart Data Hub will also ensure links to existing databases to get access to documents/data stored at remote locations, thus serving as a hub Рand a demonstrator for the Digital Building Logbook. Smart Data Hub will be made with maximum adaptability to regional specifics. After the completion of the piloting phase and with the Evaluation Toolbox  it will form a holistic solution for sustainable management of both public and private buildings.