Kick-off of MESTRI-CE project

Date: 10.05.2023

9-10 May 2023 was reserved for the first in-person meeting within MESTRI-CE project and an initial discussion on the project development and activities that need to be implemented within the project period. 10 partners gathered in Zagreb to exchange experiences regarding the accomplishment of the main project goal – tackling a complete scope of challenges addressed to the building stock in central Europe: assessment of their condition and planned use, optimal management and decision making, upgrades of current buildings standards, application of sustainability framework and use of green innovative financing.

The MESTRI-CE project will provide the following innovative elements that go beyond existing practice:

– MESTRI-CE Smart Data Hub consisting of all accessible, applicable and relevant static and dynamic data such as basic building data, project documentation, certificates, building renovation passport, data from energy and water consumption database and others.

– MESTRI-CE Sustainable building methodology for the design of new buildings or comprehensive renovation of existing buildings based on sustainability and climate-neutrality criteria that includes Life cycle assessment for calculating and projecting the environmental impact of different energy and climate interventions in existing and new buildings.

– MESTRI-CE Evaluation Toolbox consisting of technical, financial and economic analysis tools will provide estimation of renovation or construction costs for achieving the goal of more climate-neutral buildings, identify energy and non-energy related benefits of renovation investments and present them in ways in which key decision makers can understand and respond to with concrete actions.

– MESTRI-CE Green financing methodology will be based on financial and socio-economic criteria in line with the EU taxonomy and existing (voluntary) green standards. This innovative methodology will be accompanied by transparent documentation/prospectus for investors with environmental impact, performance, and proceeds tracking methodology to maximise the transparency of green investments and financing models (bonds, loans).