Interview with Advisory Board Member of GEtCoheSive

Date: 11.11.2023

Nina Abrahamczik at the GEtCoheSive Consortium Meeting in Vienna

“That’s the point, to come together, to find solutions, and to make a better world for everyone.” These inspiring words come from Nina Abrahamczik, a dedicated politician from the SPÖ (Social Democratic Party) who serves in the Vienna Parliament and City Council, and is a valued GEtCoheSive Advisory Board Member. During our Consortium Meeting in Vienna, our team had the privilege of collaborating with her on innovative ideas to enhance the participation of vulnerable groups in participatory processes.

Nina Abrahamczik actively engaged in workshops, lectures, and team-building activities, sharing her extensive experience in political work. Her commitment to inclusivity and participation was evident as she contributed valuable insights and practical strategies. We eagerly anticipate her feedback on our pilot projects and forthcoming Action Plans aimed at fostering greater inclusivity and participation for all.

Watch the interview here: