2nd Local Working Group Meeting in the South Bohemian Region, Czechia

Date: 01.12.2023
The 2nd LWG meeting on December 1st, 2023, at JAIP (PP6), České Budějovice, brought together stakeholders from Business Support Organizations, municipalities, universities, and NGOs in České Budějovice.

During the meeting, M. Novotná and P. Vachová presented findings from 11 interviews conducted with local pioneers who have implemented circular solutions in sectors such as Food, Catering, and Packaging. The discussions highlighted diverse approaches and organizational sizes, including SMEs and NGOs.

Insights from an online survey, which received responses from 49 entities across Food, Packaging, and Catering sectors, underscored the active engagement of local businesses and organizations in sustainability efforts.

Participants discussed the region’s collaborative efforts to promote circular economy principles, focusing on overcoming challenges like legal uncertainties and financial constraints through education and compliance strategies.

The meeting also outlined upcoming project activities, including an action plan, study visits, and an accelerator program. A productive brainstorming session generated ideas to integrate circular practices into regional strategies.

Moving forward, the group agreed to maintain an open database of pioneers for ongoing collaboration, strengthen cooperation with CEBIO to enhance the impact of circular solutions, and integrate circular criteria into the Chutná hezky. Jihočesky competition to promote sustainable practices among local producers.

The meeting highlighted the region’s dedication to sustainable development through collaborative and proactive initiatives in the South Bohemian Region.