Consortium Meeting in Prague

Date: 23.04.2024

Last week the Consortium of GREENPACT met at the Czech Chamber of Commerce to exchange results and experiences about the current project status. After a best practice example by the University of Prague, every project partner presented the first Collaboration Labs, the beginning of the training programs and all other activities which happened in the last months. ENAIP Veneto for example attracted two hotels and a Marina to let young people develop solutions for a self-sufficient energy and water efficient accommodation. The University of Bratislava challenged their students to develop sustainable packaging solutions for a wellness company. STEP RI from the University of Rijeka used tools like Canvases about Challenge Impact, Causes and Idea Development to help young people to come up with innovative ideas. And the partners from Stuttgart Region have started their Buddy Training Programme: Participants from the younger generation and company representatives are trained by experts to enhance their knowledge on sustainability. We are looking forward to keep you updated about further outcomes of the project! #greenpact #sustainability #greendeal #training #genf