Be Here Now

Date: 27.06.2024

We had the chance to present our research at the Baltic Design Festival, Gdynia Design Days (GDD). This year’s theme was inspired by the concept of a spa town, and the festival featured a rich array of exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and debates. Topics covered technology, process design, ecology, fashion, architecture, urban development, and craft. These activities aim to bridge the gap between the design world and the business sector.


Environmental care remains a cornerstone of GDD. This edition highlights the importance of circular design, emphasizing the urgent need to reform our economic models for sustainability.


During the Be Here Now workshop, alongside with Teresa Otulak, we conducted three workshops where we shared insights from our field research, which we achived for the UNPLUGGED exhibition, currently on display in Košice.

In our workshops, we introduced participants to the Be Here Now game, an innovative tool designed to facilitate mindfulness and presence. The game encourages individuals to temporarily unplug from their digital devices and immerse themselves in the present moment. By doing so, participants can achieve a self-regulated state of mind, characterized by reduced stress and enhanced mental clarity. These 30 designed interactions demonstrated how intentional disconnection can have on mental health and overall well-being.

The state of mindfulness and mental clarity achieved through the Be Here Now game creates a fertile ground for innovation. When individuals are not overwhelmed by constant digital distractions, they can think more creatively and strategically. This mental space allows for the emergence of innovative solutions. By fostering a self-regulated state of mind, we enable participants to approach technological challenges with fresh perspectives, ultimately driving forward-thinking developments and sustainable practices in these industries.


To foster business innovation, we emphasize the interconnectedness of mindfulness and sustainable practices. Be Here Now serves as an exercise, helping design circular solutions for future generations.

Thanks to all who joined Us in Gdynia!


Written by: Magdalena Małachowska
Header: Gdynia Design Days
Photo: Tomasz Kajszczarek