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Let's talk about your project idea

Until 10 May 2023, we offer non-compulsory individual consultations for lead applicants.

Individual consultations

For all lead applicants, we offer a single, non-compulsory individual consultation of their project idea. Book your slot early, places are limited and consultations will close on 10 May 2023.

Our experts in the joint secretariat can be booked as of 31 March for a 45-minute discussion slot to provide feedback on the relevance of a project idea. We will also answer your questions about developing a sound work plan and budget. Individual consultations can be exclusively requested on our applicant community and will also be held on that platform. The consultations will be based on project ideas published on the applicant community and no additional information should be submitted to the joint secretariat. 

Please note: Only one consultation can be granted per project idea. We therefore recommend that your idea is already in a more mature development stage when requesting the consultation. Do not however wait with booking your consultation until the last minute, give yourself enough time to improve your project proposal before submitting it. If your questions are still rather basic, it might be better to first consult our dedicated video tutorials on project development or to get in touch with our helpdesk and national contact points. We also offer a series of live Q&A webinars on our applicant community to answer more general questions on the call framework, on thematic scope and on work plan and budget development.

What to consider before requesting your consultation 


Have an advanced project proposal

To get the most out of a consultation, your idea should be in a mature stage. Our experts will discuss with you questions like these:
→ Is the specific challenge you plan to address and the change that you envision linked to our programme priorities and specific objectives?
→ Are there already funded projects on similar topics
→ Are your objectives, activities, and results clear?


Assess your idea before asking for a consultation

Your project idea (as entered on the applicant community) is the only information that we can accept before the consultation. Make sure the description there is clear, concise, and to the point. However, your proposal should ideally be further advanced than this outline before the consultation.  Make use of our
self-assessment tool and double-check whether your plans are sound and relevant.

Request your consultation slot

If your self-assessment tells you that you are ready for a consultation, you can request your slot on the applicant community, where they will also take place. If you are not a member, yet, start by registering. On the platform, you will have to post your project idea, which you can keep unpublished if you prefer. Only then, you can request your consultation. Find more information on this on the community itself.

Prepare for the consultation

When you enter a consultation, you will already have put a lot of thought into drafting your proposal. Get the most out of the 45-minute slot with our experts by preparing for it! You will be asked in the beginning to briefly summarise your idea. Make sure it can be easily understood what you plan to do and prepare your questions. We are looking forward to answering these and helping you further!