We are looking forward to seeing you on the first biomass day in Hungary!

Location: Hungary
Date: 16.03.2024

During the lectures, participants can learn about the potential of the bioeconomy, such as how bio-based materials or fermentation techniques can be used in the household. With the help of university professors you can also find out how plastic is made from agricultural by-products and how corn can be used for other purposes besides food purposes. In addition to interesting lectures, you are welcome to join interactive programs and guided tours. Our youngest participants can learn about biological materials such as wool or corn leaf in the framework of handicraft programs. At the event, we will present our educational material prepared by our international team, which show the potential of the bioeconomy and will be available to the general public soon.

The language of the workshop is Hungarian.

The program can be followed both in person and online after registration.

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For more information and a detailed programme, visit our Facebook page (Bioeco-Up).