Second GINEVRA Partner Meeting in Slovenia – Advancing Transformative Innovation in Central European Cities

In Person
Location: Slovenia
Date: 07.11.2023 - 08.11.2023

The second GINEVRA (Governance of Transformative Innovation in Central European Cities: The AV Case) partners meeting is scheduled to take place on November 7th & 8th, 2023, in Ptuj and Ljubljana, Slovenia. This event aims to build upon the achievements of the first project period, advancing various work packages, and preparing for the technology provider tender for demonstration activities.


Day 1: November 7th, 2023

The first day of the project meeting will feature sessions dedicated to various work packages and the sharing of insights and progress. Participants will discuss Work Package 1 (WP1) led by HARFA (Network for Regional Development Foundation). 

The agenda will continue with updates on Work Package 2 (WP2) – Toolkit and Capacity Building, led by EMFIE (First Hungarian Responsible Innovation Association). 

An interactive session to prepare for the technology provider tender will close out the day, facilitated by CISE (Centre for Innovation and Economic Development) and TU Wien.

In parallel, the Steering Committee Meeting will address project monitoring, management, and reporting.


Day 2: November 8th, 2023

The second day includes a study visit to the AV Living Lab company in Ljubljana, offering participants valuable insights into transformative innovation practices in the field. The AV Living Lab is a unique world-class living lab that plays a significant role in the GINEVRA project.

Technological innovations, such as autonomous vehicles, have the potential to transform cities and greatly improve people’s lives. However, deploying these innovations responsibly is crucial.

This study visit to the AV Living Lab will provide project partners with a firsthand experience of how the lab integrates multiple industries, advanced technologies, data, content, and a people-rich ecosystem, both physically and digitally. It’s here that breakthrough solutions for the future of mobility are being developed, tailor-made to address the challenges faced in the project.

This visit is a valuable addition to our second GINEVRA partner meeting, offering practical insights into transformative innovation practices that we can apply in the project and share with Central European cities.

Overall, the second GINEVRA partners meeting is set to be an engaging and productive event, fostering cooperation among project partners, sharing experiences, and moving closer to the project’s goals.


Stay tuned for updates and outcomes from this exciting event that contributes to the advancement of transformative innovation in Central European cities!