Online forum on use of production residues, Slovenia

Date: 27.03.2024
By: TeBiCE
National Institute of Chemistry from Slovenia organized on 27 March 2024 forum entitled “How can you use production residues as a new source of raw materials in your company?” The forum was attended by participants from agri-food processing industry and by R&D institutions. Mirica Karlovits presented the aim and overview of the TeBiCE project, and the opportunity for industry to collaborate with the project.

Good practices from the industry were presented by Žipo, one of the largest agricultural companies in Slovenia. Assoc. prof. Luka Juvančič from University of Ljubljana (Biotechnical faculty) presented material flows of agricultural biomass in industrial processes and current situation regarding the utilization of biomass by-products in Slovenia. The forum  was concluded by presentation of Value Chain Generator Tool by Jon Goriup from VCG.AI company.