NiCE Online Seminar: Bringing circularity closer to people – the experience from Graz and Warsaw

Date: 04.12.2024
By: NiCE
This online seminar explores how we can empower residents of European cities to adopt more circular living practices. We’ll delve into initiatives successfully implemented in Austria and Poland:

  • We will learn how Warsaw residents are creating a sustainable food system within their own apartment block. The SmartFood project showcased how social and technological innovation, coupled with citizen collaboration, can lead to urban food production and healthier eating habits.
  • We will discover how Graz fosters a culture of sharing and community responsibility. We will explore initiatives that provide residents with tools to share resources and take an active role in shaping their neighborhoods, as well as how to practically tackle climate issues and bring them closer to people.

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on how cities can make circularity a reality for their residents.

Date and time: 4 December 2024, 10:00-11:00


  1. Łukasz Gontar, RIC Pro-Akademia 
  2. Franziska Schruth, StadtLABOR

Information on registration will follow.