HL4V partners participation and poster presentation at the XIII National Conference of Spinal Units in the Czech Republic

In Person
Location: Dritec, Conference premises of the Hotel Kunětická Hora, Czechia
Date: 06.06.2024 - 07.06.2024
The HL4V team from the spinal unit and its other employees attended the XIII National Conference of Spinal Units in the Czech Republic. The conference hosted about 180 attendees, with dozens of lectures presented, all related to spinal patients. Alena and I, from the HL4V team, gave a lecture titled: “Progress and Up-to-date Results of the HealthLabs4Value Project at the Spinal Unit in Liberec.”

Project partners also presented a poster on patient-centred care and living labs, marking the event as a significant success and an important milestone due to it being presented outside of their hospital environment and including all closest stakeholders involved in the project core team.

They showcased the whole topic, past, present, and future activities and plans to the entire community of healthcare professionals caring for spinal patients in the Czech Republic. This included other hospital spinal units, rehabilitation institutes, patient associations, and other related medical specialists. We are pleased to share that the project presentation received very positive feedback, as well as interest among many professionals, including all three hospitals in the country with spinal units and those involved elsewhere in the SCI patient ecosystem. They were very interested in the future steps, research results, and primarily the key output of their activity—the resulting mobile application.

You can find the event programme here >>