DREAM_PACE – 2nd Consortium Meeting

In Person
Location: Split, Croatia
Date: 28.09.2023 - 29.09.2023
DREAM_PACE had its second transnational meeting in the wonderful city of Split, Croatia. It was a two eventful days filled with discussions, presentations, and collaboration, and we are thrilled to share some highlights with you. 📊 First, the team presented the outcomes of two comprehensive reports: 1️⃣ The “Report on Governance and Planning for Public Transport, Mobility Innovations, and DRT in Central Europe Regions” offers valuable insights serving as both a foundation of our knowledge and an inspiration of what can be done. 2️⃣ The “Analysis Report on DRT Digital and Operational Innovations in Central Europe Regions and Engaged Areas” delves into the digital and operational innovations that are transforming the landscape of transportation services. These reports are the result of our collective efforts, and we can’t wait to make them available to you soon. Stay tuned for a wealth of knowledge and expertise regarding the latest DRT developments in Central Europe. 🌐 Additionally, the project partners engaged in discussions about the upcoming living labs activities in the territories we’re actively involved in: 📍 Bologna 📍 Budapest 📍 Pavia 📍 Ost Tyrol 📍 Split Dalmatia County 📍 Stuttgart Region.