Colours from photosynthesis

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Location: Italy
Date: 30.05.2024

Vegetable biomass accumulates solar energy as chemical energy during the photosynthesis.

Microalgae are regarded to be a valuable and sustainable feedstock in terms of proper land use and wastewater treatment, but also because of their potential to capture CO2 and to produce biofuels and value-added biochemicals in a biorefinery concept.

Red cabbage contains molecules called anthocyanins that can be used as  a natural acid-base indicator. Anthocyanins are water-soluble pigments that, depending on the pH of the water solution, can appear purple, blue, red, or even black. The colour change in varying pH levels is due to the structure of the anthocyanins, which promptly changes at different pH levels.

When mixed with various household items like lemon juice or bicarbonate aqueous solutions, the cabbage solution can indicate the pH of such items.

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