Collaboration Lab in Bratislava/Slovakia – first ideathon!

In Person
Location: Slovakia
Date: 14.03.2024 - 15.03.2024
The focus of the first Collaboration LAB event was on the tourism sector. We have reached out to multiple business entities and concluded our cooperation with the company, producer of various wellness products such as bath salts, massage oils, aromatherapy products, mud masks, peeling products etc. which are supplied to both retailers and business customers operating in tourism sectors, such as hotels, baths, massage saloons and other. In terms of retail, the customers are mostly interested in good value packaging, for the tourism business customers there is often request for smaller form of packaging. Both of these create a question how to more efficiently work with packaging in order to achieve better sustainability. The company was represented by Mrs. Zdenka Bajusova, who is the chief of production and operations in the company.
The challenge for Futurepreneurs to solve was therefore to come up with ideas on how to improve packaging of current line-up of products considering sizing, materials used, and the nature of the product (dry salt, cream, oil.