Collaboration Lab Czech Republic: Combining innovation and sustainability for a better future

In Person
Location: Prague, Czechia
Date: 27.02.2024 - 26.03.2024
On 27 February 2024, the first day of the 1 Day Collab Lab event, organised in cooperation with the South Bohemia Chamber of Commerce, took place. The main objective of the event was to identify the challenges associated with the implementation of circular business models in the hospitality industry. A total of 25 people attended the event, including 7 representatives of SMEs. Other participants included representatives of business support organisations (South Bohemia Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic, Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Czech Republic), tourism related NGOs, representatives of secondary schools, experts from academia and GenF students.
The first day of the event focused on identifying key challenges and opportunities for implementing circular business models. Participants engaged in discussions and workshops aimed at sharing experiences and ideas across different sectors. The collaborative environment facilitated the emergence of new ideas and strategies for sustainable development in the hospitality sector.

The second day, held on March 26, 2024, started in the morning with the departure of participants from the VSTE campus in České Budějovice. The bus journey led to the picturesque village of Lipno nad Vltavou, where a meeting with local entrepreneurs and managers took place at the Molo bistro. Among the participants of this day were young people from Generation F, representatives of VSTE (Pártlová and Dušek), as well as successful entrepreneurs and managers from the hospitality industry.
The aim of the second day was to build on the discussions initiated on the first day and to deepen the cooperation between academia, young entrepreneurs and managers. The main focus was on finding innovative solutions for the circular economy in the hospitality industry. Participants had the opportunity to discuss specific issues and share their views and experiences in an informal setting.