Priority 3: Cooperating for a
better connected central Europe

Central Europe is an important junction for European north-south and east-west transport connections. Transnational trade and transport routes rely on central Europe’s rivers, roads and railways. Today, the area hosts key European transport corridors to which many regions are physically or socio-economically connected. Connectivity between and within regions is an important factor ensuring the economic prosperity and cohesion of central Europe.

Specific objective

SO 3.1: Improving transport connections of rural and peripheral regions in central Europe


Why we fund this

The programme area is a relevant junction in Europe. This can strategically facilitate the participation in trade and increase competitiveness. Accessibility to larger transport corridors is, however, comparatively weak. There is a need to link especially peripheral regions to the nodes of the TEN-T core network corridors (CNC), to remove bottlenecks and to bridge missing transport links in order to ensure good accessibility across central Europe. Furthermore, there is the need to reduce transport emissions by 90% by 2050, which calls for smart and sustainable approaches to cross-border mobility, intermodality and the introduction of IT-supported solutions for mobility management.

Potential fields to be addressed by project proposals

Demand-responsive and flexible regional passenger transport

Removal of transport barriers and bottlenecks across borders and beyond

Multi-modal freight transport and logistic chains in rural and peripheral areas and connections to transport nodes

Accessibility of rural and remote areas and their connectivity to main EU transport corridors

Strategic regional transport and spatial planning


Need support?

Do not hesitate to contact our if you have questions about this specific objective.


Funded projects

In December 2022, we selected 53 new transnational cooperation projects with a budget of nearly 100 million EUR from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Four of these projects are cooperating to make central Europe better connected.