Usage of a shut-in well in Municipality Murska Sobota, Rakičan

Date: 20.05.2024

An exploration well for oil and gas was drilled round 1990 in the Municipality Murska Sobota (well name Rakičan-1). The results were not corresponding to the expectations therefore the well was shut-in for several years. In 2001 the well went under workover operation to see if it would be usable for other purposes. There were some results in possible usage of thermal water although no usage till today.

Regarding new situation and limitations for using thermal waters in Slovenia a new license for geothermal exploitation can be granted in case injection is in place. This limitation makes it harder to use such wells therefore regarding the recently new technologies developed such as BHE (Borehole heat exchanger), could be feasible for this well.

The applicability for end user regarding the well location (agricultural land) produced heat could be used for greenhouses or other agricultural application.

As part of the TRANSGEO project, LEA Pomurje will prepare a feasibility study for this pilot area, which will focus on the reconstruction of hydrocarbon research wells for Borehole heat exchangers (BHE) for agricultural purposes in Pomurje.