University students test the JETforCE Digital Challenge Mapping tool

University Students Tested the JETforCE Climate Protection app

Date: 17.05.2024
By: JETforCE

In a collaborative effort with the University of Miskolc, an innovative climate protection community app was put to the test by students and their teachers during an outsourced energy economics class on 14th May 2024. The app, developed to promote a just transition to green energy, aims to engage young people in climate action and gather their valuable feedback.

The session kicked off with a brief discussion and presentation that highlighted key topics such as climate protection, digitalization, and the concept of a just transition. The presentation also explored collective and individual actions that can facilitate the transition to sustainable energy sources.

Participants were introduced to the JETforCE project and the app itself, known as the JETforCE Digital Challenge Mapping Tool. This tool is designed to help users navigate and contribute to the transition towards green energy while ensuring fairness and inclusivity.

The students responded enthusiastically, offering numerous constructive suggestions and ideas during the initial session. However, the project team is seeking further input in written form to refine the app. The internal testing phase is set to conclude by early September 2024, after which a broader promotion of the app to the public is planned.

This event marks a significant step in the project’s local awareness-raising campaign, emphasizing the importance of involving the younger generation in the fight against climate change.