Transforming Capacity: Highlights from the last Consortium Meeting in Split

Date: 23.05.2024
Split, Croatia – From May 21st to 23rd, the Capacity2Transform partnership gathered in Split for an intense Consortium meeting, uniting project members in a dynamic and collaborative environment. This meeting represented a significant milestone in the partnership’s journey toward advancing digital-green-creative action plans.

Igniting Collaborative Synergy

Over the three days, participants engaged in a series of intensive workshops and discussions, with a primary focus on the Transforming Capacity Pilot Actions and the planned activities and events within these pilots. This collaborative effort underscored the importance of teamwork in driving sustainable and innovative solutions.

Spotlight on Supporting Tools

Media Factory & Knowledge Factory: Discussions highlighted the significant benefits these initiatives will bring, offering essential tools and support to Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) and sustainable tourism SMEs, fostering their digital and green transitions.

Pioneering Sustainable Innovation

As Capacity2Transform progresses, the insights and strategies developed during this meeting will be pivotal in tailoring the pilot actions to meet real-world challenges and leverage opportunities identified by stakeholders.

Charting the Path Forward

The Capacity2Transform team is now set to enter the detailed phase of action plan development, with a renewed emphasis on stakeholder-driven innovation. Stay tuned for regular updates on our progress and milestones, which will be shared on the Capacity2Transform project webpage and social media channels.

For more information about the Capacity2Transform project and upcoming events, visit our site or follow us on social media. Together, we are transforming capacity for a sustainable and innovative future!