Thematic Partner Meeting in Ljubljana: Fostering Collaboration and Progress

Date: 15.04.2024

The picturesque city of Ljubljana recently played host to a dynamic and productive thematic partner meeting, where colleagues from LOCALIENCE project partner institutions convened to discuss and strategize on critical project aspects. The event, held on the 10th and 11th of April, saw enthusiastic participation and fruitful deliberations on a range of thematic topics outlined in the agenda.


The meeting kicked off with a warm welcome extended by the Lead Partner (LP) and the Hosting Partner, setting the stage for two days of intensive collaboration. Attendees engaged in an ice-breaking exercise, fostering a conducive atmosphere for dialogue and idea exchange.


A key highlight of the first day was the presentation by Viera Slavikova from the Joint Secretariat (JS), providing valuable feedback on project performance and updates from the Programme. Following this, the Lead Partner shared insights on project progress and gave an update on the training materials.


A significant portion of the day was dedicated to practical training planning, where Project Partners (PPs) presented their plans which was followed by discussions facilitated by the Lead Partner. This session laid the groundwork for effective training implementation and coordination among partners.


The agenda also featured presentations on training reporting guidance, activity updates, and the introduction of the preliminary performance appraisal system. These sessions, led by various partners, contributed to a comprehensive understanding of project milestones and frameworks for assessment.


A workshop on the appraisal methodology and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) proved to be enlightening, as participantss delved into the intricacies of performance evaluation and measurement. The collaborative effort between the Lead Partner and Project Partner 7 (PP7) ensured an interactive and informative session.


The day concluded with discussions on communication issues, emphasizing the importance of effective collaboration and information dissemination among partners. Attendees then had the opportunity to explore the Ljubljanica River thorugh a guided tour by our colleagues from ARSO, followed by a delightful dinner, fostering informal networking and camaraderie.


Day two commenced with a summary of the previous day’s discussions and an overview of upcoming tasks. Presentations on Work Package 3 (WP3) and the Handbook on local pilot actions provided insights into future project phases and deliverables.


Due to the detailed discussion of the planned pilot projects, the Workshop hadto be skipped and prganized later on in an online version.


The meeting concluded with closing thoughts, and updates on project and financial management. Participants departed with a sense of accomplishment and renewed enthusiasm to drive the project forward.

The thematic partner meeting in Ljubljana served as a testament to the power of collaboration and shared vision in advancing common goals. As stakeholders return to their respective roles, they carry with them valuable insights, strategies, and a strengthened commitment to the project’s success.