The OPTI-UP kick-off – setting the stage and starting the work

Date: 23.05.2024

From Question to Kick-off: What is OPTI-UP?

In the beginning, a question emerged – and that question addressed how we can respond to the current challenges of public transportation in small and medium-sized Central European cities: decline of customers, difficult long-term planning, and suburban connectivity gaps.

As an answer, OPTI-UP emerged as a project aimed at improving this situation and fostering more eco-friendly urban mobility systems. By pooling resources and receiving support from the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme, with co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund, the partnership formed among Austria, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Italy, and Slovenia. Over the next two years, we will establish the data-driven and strategic foundations necessary for green public transport integrated with urban planning. The partners will test new solutions for demand-responsive transport, intelligent route planning, and fleet optimization across six pilot settings.

Setting the Stage: Kick-off Meeting

To kick off our collaborative effort in revolutionizing public transportation, all project partners and stakeholders gathered for a meeting in Zagreb, Croatia.

With their presence, we offered an overview of the project, articulating our vision for revolutionizing public transportation; outlined the project’s scope and work packages, spanning from analysis and planning to solution creation, dissemination, and replication.

Furthermore, we conducted a review of the project’s organization and communication plan to enhance visibility.

Commencing our efforts, we facilitated a workshop focused on the project’s initial phase, fostering an exchange of experiences and insights.

The session concluded with key takeaways, outlining our subsequent steps as we wrapped up the meeting.

What’s Next?

Now that we’ve officially begun with a strong start, it’s time to leverage the power of partnership as we embark on analysis and planning. These efforts will culminate in the development of a toolkit and strategy to transform public transportation, which stands as the primary goal of the project. Stay updated by visiting our official website or following us on our LinkedIn page.