advisory board meeting
advisory board meeting

The Interreg CE4CE Advisory Board started the cooperative work

Date: 21.12.2023
The CE4CE Advisory Board is committed to providing input and feedback to the results of our project. The members also provide access to their networks and communication channels and are willing to take up the results and outputs produced by CE4CE. Let us present you our members and their main role in the project:

ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability: as an Advisory Board member, ICLEI can draw on its experiences with this key stakeholder group to help guide the CE4CE project, and act as key outreach platform for the results of the CE4CE project. ICLEI will contribute to developing the CE4CE Circularity in Public Transport Compass based on its experiences in the Circular Cities Initiative and add a passage on circularity in public transport into its Circular Cities Declaration.

EIT UM Innovation Hub East: as a board member they will supervise the project’s implementation. The organisation will help co-creating the CE4CE Circularity in Public Transport Compass and Knowledge Platform. The EIT UM Innovation Hub East will also create calls for proposals based on CE4CE results.

International Association of Public Transport (UITP): As an Advisory Board member, UITP will provide feedback on project results and insights into developments from the public transport sector around circular economy. With more than 1,900 members from 100 countries, UITP supports the entire sector and provides access to relevant events, research & innovation projects and training programmes. UITP is also interested in an exchange on an extended lifecycle analysis of electric mobility based on circular economy principles; incl. procurement guidance for the realisation of the Clean Vehicle Directive goals (i.e. national thresholds for clean/zero-emission buses).

Cologne University of Applied Sciences: the university with its „Circular Transformation Lab Cologne” (12 Professors from 7 faculties) is an Advisory Board member of CE4CE. The Lab will provide insights from the circular economy research world – covering the whole circular economy cycle from design, production, reuse, recycle, etc. – to the project, and act like an “innovation radar” for the CE4E project. Furthermore, the Lab provides support for methodologies on how to raise awareness for circular economy topics, also towards civil society. The Cologne University of Applied Sciences Circular Transformation Lab will perform peer review and validate project results and support the uptake of relevant capacity building materials on CE4CE’s knowledge platform.

The CE4CE Advisory Board members have been involved in the preparation of the strategies framework and provided feedback to the preliminary ideas on the joint requirements, structure and research questions. During the development of strategies and action plans there are regular exchanges planned with the advisors, which will be carried out through the period of strategies development. Synergies with the other project activities are planned to ensure that advisors are well integrated in the process and can provide valuable contributions to its development.

Strategic partnership

Project strategy leaders and Advisory Board members will gather to review the process of the Interreg CE4CE project regularly. The first meeting has been held in the form of an online exchange on 20.12.2023. During the meeting, members of the Advisory Board actively participated in discussions related to the strategies framework, offering insightful feedback on joint requirements, structure, and research questions. This collaborative effort ensures that the Advisory Board remains well-integrated into the process of developing strategies and action plans for the CE4CE project.