The first pilot takes off!

Date: 29.04.2024
The Pilot Idea

The main Topic of the UBA pilot is to link e-commerce and city centres to the benefit of both. Together with the cooperation partners, Zukunftshaus Würzburg and adelphi, UBA wants to develop and implement a delivery service for items to rent or to repair. The delivery service is going to be implemented at the Zukunftshaus in Würzburg. Delivery will be climate-neutral by bicycle courier. A cooperation with a local bicycle courier is planned for this.

Workshop in Würzburg

Together with its cooperation partners UBA has organized a workshop in Würzburg. The goal of the workshop on the topic of the pilot activity was to develop contributions to the pilot methodology framework of the NiCE consortium and to further develop UBAs pilot idea for NiCE. The feedback gathered in direct exchange with ENVIROS, the tandem partner of UBA, was also included into the workshop discussions. Main result was a timetable for next steps, including an allocation of tasks, and better common understanding about the pilot idea. In addition to UBA, adelphi and Zukunftshaus, representatives of the city of Würzburg and other volunteers/interested people took part.

User Poll

In preparation for the pilot, a survey was conducted to assess interest in such an offer. Over 300 people took part in the survey. The result: a large majority would use the new delivery service and also pay a fee for it. The survey also confirms that most people think that such a delivery service can make a rental and repair service more attractive.

Next steps

It is planned that the new delivery service will be presented at an event during the Future Week in Würzburg, on the 15th May 2024. However, this is still dependent on whether an agreement can be reached with the bicycle delivery service. At this event, UBA will also make a content-related contribution on the topic of “greening e-commerce”.

Furthermore, several meetings with the tandem partner Enviros are foreseen, to develop further ideas regarding our pilots and to evaluate previous activities. There are also plans for a major get-together between the Czech and German pilot implementation teams from Jihlava and Würzburg.