Co-operation workshop, LOCALIENCE project

The consequences of climate change have caught us – let’s cooperate!

Date: 04.12.2023
Extreme weather events caused by climate change are increasingly causing damages to our communities. To prevent or at least reduce the damage we need to become better adapted and built resilience to the extreme events. With project LOCALIENCE we are facing this challenge by encouraging and strengthening collaboration of various experts, organisations and local communities. We believe that adaptation only becomes effective through cooperation!

On 29. November Slovenian Environment Agency organised a workshop for all the project partners, with whom we discussed in what ways to engage people for raising awareness and promote preparedness and proactivity. As we come from different countries and different expertise, we shared our diverse approaches in engaging different groups, such as general public, children, students, seniors, municipalities, experts from different fields etc.
Based on shared experience we developed a concept for communication campaigns, which we will use in further activities of the LOCALIENCE project. Our goal is to include everyone in the process of raising awareness through training activities, as well as taking constructive action to adapt to climate change.

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