Technology partner Scandens selected

Date: 10.06.2024
Scandens, a swiss-based leader in software for building energy renovations, is selected as a technology partner in the MESTRI-CE project. With this collaboration, the project aims to translate EU guidelines into actionable measures, driving the transformation of the Central European building sector further towards enhanced sustainability.

Over the next two years, we will collaborate with e7 energy innovation & engineering and top engineering firms from Austria, Croatia, Italy, Germany, and Poland.

The innovative software will power a Smart Data Hub, streamlining the planning process for energy renovations and significantly reducing the region’s carbon footprint. This partnership aligns perfectly with themission to advance sustainability and support the EU’s climate goals

Scandens looks forward to working closely with the project team and the specific pilot cases as the project progresses to develop and test new features to contribute to the decarbonization of the built environment in Central Europe.

Find the full press statement here!