EUSDR. Flagship

SUSTANCE becomes Danube Strategy Flagship project

Date: 04.06.2023
SUSTANCE project was presented during the 27th Steering Group Meeting of the Danube Region Strategy (EUSDR), held in Ljubljana on 31 May 2023. After the presentation of SUSTANCE project by project manager Mr. Paolo Dileno, and a discussion about the project, SUSTANCE was awarded a Certificate of Danube Strategy Flagship for the Priority Areas PA 1b Rail-Road-Air Mobility and PA 10 Institutional Capacity and Cooperation. Danube Strategy Flagships are projects that contribute to the implementation of the EUSDR, have a clear macro-regional dimension and a multi-level governance approach. They are of high importance for the Danube Region’s economic, social and territorial cohesion and for improving the quality of life in the Danube Region. These projects strengthen internal and external communication of the Strategy and the visibility of the topics, initiatives and prospects in the Danube Region. They illustrate the progress achieved in implementing the EUSDR and demonstrate exemplarily significant improvement in the Region that is induced by cooperation. Being a EUSDR flagship project, the management of SUSTANCE project will regularly update the EUSDR management about implementation progress.