Second Food4CE project newsletter is out

Date: 11.03.2024
By: Food4CE

The second Food4CE newsletter is out!

In our latest issue, we are excited to share key findings from the Food4CE consortium’s comprehensive research on Alternative Food Networks (AFNs) in Central Europe, through which 391 potential AFNs have been identified across Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Poland and Hungary.

The research delves into the intricacies of AFNs with a special focus on identifying effective logistics practices that could further enhance short food supply chains in the regions.

The newsletter also highlights the main challenges AFNs face in the near future, and the opportunities to be seized. As AFNs seek to transform the food supply by connecting ethical producers and consumers more directly and Central Europe lacks systemic policies to support such networks, change is necessary!

Click to read the newsletter.

Food4CE Newsletter 02 2024