Roundtable on the Heat Transition & Geothermal Energy

Date: 26.01.2024

TRANSGEO partners and associated partners participated in a Roundtable on the Heat Transition & Geothermal Energy Opportunities in Ptuj, Slovenia on 12 December 2023.

The event was organised by the GEOTHERMICA Initiative, the CETPartnership TRI4Heating & Cooling, Geothermal IWG, EEA Grants, and TRANSGEO’s Associated Partner the Geological Survey of Slovenia.

Speakers introduced strategies and policies on geothermal energy of several member states and the EU, public cooperation on the heat transition, and geothermal projects and success stories. Discussions focused on opportunities and challenges on realising the potential of geothermal energy in the region.

Martina Tuschl from TRANSGEO’s Associated Partner the Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency reported on “Strategies & Policies on Geothermal Energy in Croatia” and was also able to highlight the potential of reusing soon-to-be abandoned oil-wells. During the discussion, our partner Tomislav Kurevija from the University of Zagreb pointed out the importance of educating experts for the geothermal industry. Finally, Matej Prkič from our partner Local Energy Agency Pomurje presented the status of geothermal projects in Slovenia.

On 13 December, the group had the opportunity to participate to a field trip that was led by TRANSGEO’s Associated Partner the Geological Survey of Slovenia. The heating units of two geothermal spas were visited (unfortunately not the spa itself, due to the nasty weather) and we had the opportunity to have a close look at the only geothermally re-used gas well in Slovenia, the closed-loop system established in Lendava via the SI-Geo-Electricity project. The pilot geothermal power plant has a 50 kWe capacity and can provide 400 MWhe for the production of electricity per year.

More information: Round table 2023 on Heat Transition & Geothermal Energy Opportunities.