Rostock completed ParkPAD Audit

Date: 14.05.2024

As part of the EU project NXTLVL Parking, the city of Rostock successfully completed the ParkPAD Audit. Together with representatives from politics, administration, associations, and civil society, existing parking policies were not only analyzed but also innovative ideas for effective parking management were developed.

The discussions during the audit have highlighted that the topic of parking and the role of parking management are seen differently. While some perceive parking management merely as a mean to provide car parking spaces, others see it as an instrument for a sustainable transport transition. These differences underscore the need for clear and open communication among all stakeholders. In this regard, it will be crucial to emphasize that parking plays a key role in sustainable urban development. The relocation of parking spaces from the street to private parking facilities can bring numerous positive effects and create space for more livable residential areas, as well as safer and inclusive cities.

Despite controversial views, the working group has succeeded in developing a variety of measures that can serve as a basis for further actions. These measures focus on the areas of:

·       efficient commercial traffic,

·       quality of life in residential areas,

·       traffic safety and inclusive traffic infrastructure,

·       as well as effective communication.

Now, suitable pilot projects will be derived and implemented from the developed measures. The city of Rostock will continue to work closely with the stakeholders involved to ensure a future-oriented and sustainable parking management.

The successful participation in the ParkPAD Audit as part of the NXTLVL Parking project marks an important step for Rostock towards an efficient and sustainable parking policy. Through the collaboration of all stakeholders and the implementation of innovative measures, the city will not only optimize its parking policies but also improve the quality of life for its citizens in the long term.