Release of HUMANITA Report on Monitoring Tourism’s Environmental Impacts in Protected Areas

Date: 20.11.2023

Throughout the project’s duration, we sought insights from experts managing protected areas and scientific institutions globally. Our approach involved thorough research and interactive workshops with seasoned practitioners skilled in observing how visitors affect the environment.

The report commences with an overview of tourism within protected areas and its environmental repercussions. It then delves into the steps taken to pinpoint successful strategies for monitoring these effects. The HUMANITA project focuses on vital study areas, including visitor monitoring, wildlife monitoring, vegetation monitoring, erosion monitoring, and pollution monitoring.

This report disseminates the valuable knowledge gathered through workshops and research conducted by our committed project partners. The practical insights shared by experts are thoughtfully presented throughout the chapters. Furthermore, a comprehensive summary of our partners’ research findings is included in the form of a detailed factsheet at the report’s conclusion.

We cordially invite all stakeholders, managers of protected areas, environmental enthusiasts, and anyone passionate about preserving our natural wonders. Dive into this report and discover the wealth of insights it offers!