Reggio Emilia Presents the GRETA Urban Logistics Project for Sustainable City Logistics

Date: 13.11.2023

During the event, the city of Reggio Emilia had the privilege of showcasing the GRETA-urban-logistics project and its pilot goals to a highly specialized audience comprising transport and cycle logistic operators, retailers, and public entities who were keenly interested in the innovative approach of the GRETA initiative.

Moreover, the workshop provided an excellent networking opportunity for establishing future collaborations with transport operators and other cycle-logistic related projects. The engagement displayed by all participants was truly inspiring, setting the stage for future partnerships and advancements in the field of sustainable urban mobility.

The audience of the event included national logistic operators, retailers, municipalities, researchers, and students interested in the topic.

Reggio Emilia’s presence at the event further disseminated awareness and stimulated collaboration among various stakeholders to improve mobility in urban areas.

The GRETA initiative represents a significant step forward towards more sustainable and resilient urban logistics, and Reggio Emilia is proud to have been involved and to have shared its experiences and achievements with the audience.