Project Consortium Meeting in Venice

Date: 03.11.2023
Venice calls for GREENPACT action! ♻ 🍃 🌍

You have to admit, one advantage of participating in EU projects is certainly the opportunity to visit beautiful places in Europe! 😊 End of October the GREENPACT partners from Italy, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany were happy to meet in Venice at the beautiful premises of the Palazzo Grandi Stazioni of the Veneto Region. We reflected on the first project phase and plan the most important activities lying ahead: the development and implementation of our GREENPACT Collaboration Lab and Green & Impact Entrepreneurship Boosting Buddy Training. The core outcome of this Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme project is to develop a green certification scheme through the collaboration of Gen F and SMEs from the Cultural & Creative Industries and tourism sector.

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Green Greetings! 💚