Hungary electric fence installation in pilot area

Precious racka sheep are safe behind electric fences

Date: 13.03.2024

The first but not the last

Conflict prevention is one of the key pillars in the LECA project, while one of the main sources of conflict are the direct damages large carnivores cause to farmers. Although studies show that the most effective way to prevent these damages are electric fences, the use of these tools is still limited in many parts where large carnivore species returned in the last few years. Our aim is to showcase the best practices for farmers, while we also collect valuable information about the experience of the users. Besides Szentdomonkos, there will be four more farms where electric fences will be installed at the Hungarian side of the pilot area.

Valuable sheep need different constructions

In Szentdomonkos, the farmer owns a highly valuable breeding flock of racka sheep which is a traditional Hungarian breed. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep these animals safe. The system we installed here, is built upon an earlier structure, which was already in place, consisting only of game netting, but the owner felt it did not provide enough security against large carnivores.

I sleep better, since the original game net has been reinforced with the electric fence.” – said Norbert Balázs, livestock breeder, owner of the rackas. This is extremely important as the dispute of the conflicts is often over the direct damages, but underlying issues such as fear, can deepen these situations to the worse.

While in Szentdomonkos a game net combined with a five-plus-one level of electric fence will be applied, we also plan to use different system layouts at other sites including the use of five-plus-one level electric fences per se, or with livestock guardian dogs for further protection. We hope not only farmers will have better sleep but also the sheep.