POLIS Network – ALICE Greening Urban Freight 2024 Webinar Series – showcases innovations and synergies in Green Urban Freight

Date: 27.03.2024

Institute of Transport and Logistics Foundation (ITL) recently took charge of a groundbreaking event, the POLIS Network – ALICE Greening Urban Freight 2024 Webinar Series. The event, held online on March 27, 2024, aimed to shed light on the crucial topic of “Physical Internet and Urban Logistics” and presented an array of innovative solutions developed by various projects.

One of the highlights of the webinar was the presentation of URBANE, a project focused on greening last-mile deliveries. URBANE showcased its achievements and discussed the synergies it has established with other influential initiatives, such as GRETA and MED COLOURS projects. The collaboration between these projects promises to revolutionize urban freight and contribute to a more sustainable future.

With an audience comprising logistic operators, retailers, municipalities, researchers, and students, the event attracted a diverse range of attendees from around Europe. This international participation fostered vibrant discussions and knowledge exchange, allowing participants to gain valuable insights into cutting-edge practices and research within the field of urban logistics.

The POLIS Network – ALICE Greening Urban Freight 2024 Webinar Series provided a unique platform for stakeholders to explore innovative solutions, share experiences, and identify opportunities for collaboration. The event emphasized the importance of environmentally friendly approaches in urban freight management and highlighted the potential for transformative change in this sector.