Poland´s Roadmap towards the Transition to the Circular Economy

Date: 08.02.2024
Poland’s Roadmap towards the Circular Economy, initiated in 2019 by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, represents a strategic blueprint aimed at transforming the nation’s economy into a circular model. Developed through extensive collaboration, involving over 100,000 people and 200 socio-economic partners, the roadmap outlines following transformation priorities: sustainable industry production, sustainable consumption, bioeconomy, and new business models. It seeks to foster innovation, strengthen industry-science cooperation, develop a European market for secondary raw materials, and promote service sector growth, setting a non-legislative toolset for transitioning Poland towards a sustainable, circular economy.

Find out more: https://circulareconomy.europa.eu/platform/sites/default/files/md_goz_final_en_r4_4.pdf

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