Pioneering Building Renovation and Green Financing Across Central Europe

Date: 13.05.2024
The MESTRI-CE project is making significant strides in the field of building renovation and sustainable development. Central to this initiative is the development of a Smart Data Hub, a comprehensive repository for all relevant building data. This hub is designed to facilitate detailed analyses and inform renovation plans across a diverse building portfolio. Additionally, MESTRI-CE is focused on establishing overarching renovation standards that integrate both European and national methodologies. Recognizing the importance of financial sustainability, the project also prioritizes green financing.

A Collaborative Effort Across Borders and Disciplines

MESTRI-CE exemplifies the power of interdisciplinary collaboration. The project brings together experts from six different countries, each contributing unique insights and expertise. This cross-border partnership has resulted in the formation of a Joint Working Group, consisting of approximately 40 specialists who are dedicated to the various facets of the MESTRI initiative. The group’s interdisciplinary and transnational approach is crucial for addressing the complex challenges of building renovation and sustainability.

The Role of the Joint Working Group

The Joint Working Group is a cornerstone of the MESTRI-CE project, providing essential expertise and quality assessments for all project outputs. This group includes esteemed institutional partners such as Casaclima, e7, EAN, EASt, IPOPEMA, JSI, MEA, REGEA, the Zagreb Stock Exchange, and ZEZ. Alongside these institutions, external experts with extensive experience in building decarbonization and financing initiatives contribute to the group’s efforts.

Ensuring High Standards and Sustainable Solutions

The collective expertise of the Joint Working Group ensures that the MESTRI-CE project meets high standards of quality and innovation. By merging methodologies from different countries and disciplines, the group is able to develop comprehensive and effective renovation standards. Their work supports the project’s goal of promoting sustainable building practices and advancing green financing solutions across Central Europe.

In conclusion, the MESTRI-CE project is at the forefront of building renovation and sustainability efforts, driven by a unique collaboration of experts from across Europe. With its focus on smart data, interdisciplinary methodologies, and green financing, MESTRI-CE is poised to make a significant impact on the future of building renovation.